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Cruelty Squad
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CruS Text-to-Speech
by Teddybear082

Adds text to speech for character dialogue based on windows dialogue.
MOD CREATED BY Teddybear082
RELEASED 26/MAR/2023 (VERSION 0.0.1)
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) (Discord)

> How to install

> How to install

    - Extract the mod folder in %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\Cruelty Squad\mods\
    (This folder is created automatically if you run the game with the mod installed,
    or you can create it yourself).
    - Make sure the mod is sitting in its own folder
    (...\Cruelty Squad\mods\Mod Name\mod.json and other mod files).
    - Copy the three .dlls (godot_tts.dll, nvdaControllerClient64.dll, SAAPI64.dll) and place the copies in your actual install directory next to crueltysquad.exe (confirmed working flat screen (DX) and with VR mod in modded .exe/pck).
    - If you find voice seems too quiet, lower the master volume slider on your game, and raise the system volume (unfortunately godot-tts I am using does not allow modification of volume in the code); for this to work you need to set the windows text to speech to an english speaking voice.
    - Mod conflicts: any mod modifying that is all.
    - Load Cruelty Squad.

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