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Cruelty Squad
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Cruelty Squad VR Mod Loader
by Teddybear082

Only use this mod on an official purchased version of the game.

Back up EVERYTHING Cruelty Squad associated before trying this version of the modloader
Post any issues to the Issues tab of this Github:
or message teddybear082 in the modifications channel of the Cruelty Squad discord or Flat2VR discord.


- If you are running Cruelty Squad for the first time, run the game once first just to make sure all directories are created and then exit out.

- If you have installed Cruelty Squad before and you have used any mods / modloaders before, you must return to a "clean" state of the game, otherwise this is very likely not to work.

- Make sure the game is installed in the same directory as your Windows Powershell. For me, installing in my normal default Steam directory in Program Files worked fine. Some have had success on other drives, but if it fails, this may be the issue.

- Get more info on controls, known issues, performance tips and credits on the GitHub readme:

25/JUL/2023This map has been updated to version 1.3!
MOD CREATED BY Teddybear082
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) (GitHub)

> How to install

> How to install

    - Download the Stable Release 1.2 found here or directly on Github.
    (This build currently uses a modification of crustyrashky and disk0's newer install script method that was developed for the flatscreen Cruelty Squad game).
    - Unzip the release and copy the folder this README is in to your game folder,
    it should look something like this:
    => <GAME_DIR>
    => <THIS FOLDER> (Unzipped, but still a folder - crus-vr-modloader)
    - Install-Modloader.ps1
    - install_modloader.bat1
    - godotpcktool.exe
    - modloader.gdc
    - addons (folder)
    - libgodot_openxr.dll
    - openxr_loader.dll
    - override.cfg
    - cs-scripts-vr-mod (folder)
    - cs-vr-mod-vr-files (folder)
    - cs-vr-mod-xr-tools (folder)
    - crueltysquad.pck
    - crueltysquad.exe
    - [...]

    [Reference image 1] [Reference image 2]

    - Run install_modloader.bat.
    - Check to see if your game directory now has an override.cfg, libgodot_openxr.dll and openxr_loader.dll next to the crueltysquad.exe and crueltysquad.pck
    (If so, that is a good sign, as this installer copies those files there).
    - Load Cruelty Squad and then close it.
    - Go to your mods folder found under %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\Cruelty Squad\.
    - Copy the cs-vr-mod-vr-files, cs-vr-mod-xr-tools and cs-scripts-vr-mod folders from the crus-vr-modloader folder to the mods folder.
    - Restart Cruelty Squad with your headset on and running.
    - If it didn't work post to #modifications in the discord with the contents of %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\Cruelty Squad\logs\mods.log.
    - Disable OpenXR toolkit if you use it for other games, like Microsoft Flight Simulator. Otherwise the game will crash forever and not fully load up.

> Archives

- Cruelty Squad VR Mod Loader release 1.0 (Mediafire)

- Cruelty Squad VR Mod Loader release 1.1 (Mediafire)

- Cruelty Squad VR Mod Loader release 1.2 (Mediafire) (GitHub)

MY EYES HURT I like this mod its fun and awesome alot of the levels can be done pretty easily and movement still feels good but do not use the abominator please DO NOT USE THE ABOMINATOR I ALMOST THREW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!