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Cruelty Squad
Custom Maps

by Soundboard, Grid Crab & Pdbmann

Enough is enough, the new people at the town got interested in our financial gains then started stealing money without us noticing, but eventually we caught them and got their location. they are located at the so called Blolers Town, we may not get our money back, but we can get them out of this world, there is a few interesting buildings so you can take a look at them from the inside and the outside. this is very off topic but i kinda like this town and not at the same time, i was actually in this town before, but then i moved somewhere else. somewhere... anyways goodluck my dearest friend!

MAP CREATED BY Soundboard,
Grid Crab & Pdbmann
RATED A (70% - 1 REVIEW)
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> How to install

> How to install

    - Extract the map folder in %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\Cruelty Squad\levels\
    (This folder is created automatically if you run the game with the mod installed,
    or you can create it yourself).
    - Make sure the map is sitting in its own folder
    (...\Cruelty Squad\levels\Map Name\level.json and other map files).
    - Load Cruelty Squad.
it's way too fucking hard to beat this in hope eradicated because of the toxic water in the elevator leading to the target. other than that it's a good well rounded level even though the second area is a lot less interesting than the first.