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Cruelty Squad
Custom Maps

Pentad Pacemakers
by opan

We'll be dropping you off in Taciturn Macabre, a segregated city that's way off deep in the caverns, which confines 5 of your targets. Nail Lender, he's a doctor of the city. He's got a pretty face with a sultry mouth, and is in charge of the Grubby Body Corporation. His company's presence in the stock market has been competing with our's for a long time, and it's time to bury it in the ground. The big mean Monk Ghoul, a leader of the city gang. This motherfucker has been recruiting and turning our own agents againts us. Fuck him to the ends of the earth. Raffle Eyes, hotshot model breaking out of the decrepit city. He's just an overall nuisance to our company, and I'm fucking sick of seeing him on advertisements, promoting his stupid fucking shoe-washing business. Gonad, the lean mean crypto-trading machine, goes hand-in-hand with the GBCo. so, I don't need to explain more. Plus, there's just something off about him, the way his cone-shaped tits protrudes through his clothing would make anybody tremble in fear, not you though. Last one is Orange Pun, the city's architect and off-and-on music performer. I'm fucking sick of hearing about him yapping about how Brutalism is God's greatest gift to mankind, who fucking cares? And his soulless corpo-style music is so mind-numbing, it's made me break a total of 5 iPod Nanos anytime I hear it on its radio. Respectfully, murder him.

RELEASED 21/JUL/2023 (VERSION 0.0.0)
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> How to install

> How to install

    - Extract the map folder in %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\Cruelty Squad\levels\
    (This folder is created automatically if you run the game with the mod installed,
    or you can create it yourself).
    - Make sure the map is sitting in its own folder
    (...\Cruelty Squad\levels\Map Name\level.json and other map files).
    - Load Cruelty Squad.

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