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Cruelty Squad
Custom Maps

Dolphin Plaster
by ElevenZM

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Have you ever heard of that island that kinda looks like a dolphin from above? There's a legend about it regarding a janitor that cleaned the whole island after some rascal covered it in some icky paint-like goop. Sounds like a stupid joke, if you ask me. Anyway, the island's famous city, Dolphin Plaster, has become a rotting mess over the years. A once tourist attraction has become ridden with sketchy street sleepers selling snacks and people who conduct flames unwillingly. Thus, security in the city has risen. With that in mind, I need you to, ya know, wahoo your way to the locations of two noteworthy scandals that have publicized threats about our company. Pound them to dirt if you could. Also, be on the lookout for sewer entrances. They can help you in getting from place to place. There may even be a secret sewer on the shore.

RELEASED 27/MAY/2024 (VERSION 1.0.0)
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> How to install

> How to install

    - Extract the map folder in %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\Cruelty Squad\levels\
    (This folder is created automatically if you run the game with the mod installed,
    or you can create it yourself).
    - Make sure the map is sitting in its own folder
    (...\Cruelty Squad\levels\Map Name\level.json and other map files).
    - Load Cruelty Squad.

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