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Cruelty Squad
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Christmas Crisis
by Keith Mason

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11/JUL/2023This map has been updated to version 1.9! Click here to read the changelog.
Happy Holidays, freak! A mole placed inside Santa’s workshop has relayed some devastating news to CAD Elsa Holmes. She has been in a fit of outrage ever since discovering that she has been added to the naughty list this year. Infiltrate the toy factory, find Santa and give him the gift he deserves before he takes flight tonight. Oh, and another thing. By sheer coincidence, Jerry the Pharmako embezzler happens to be taking a holiday vacation at his mansion nearby. Kill him for old time’s sake. And make sure he remembers it this time.

RATED A (70% - 1 REVIEW)
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> How to install

> How to install

    - Extract the map folder in %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\Cruelty Squad\levels\
    (This folder is created automatically if you run the game with the mod installed,
    or you can create it yourself).
    - Make sure the map is sitting in its own folder
    (...\Cruelty Squad\levels\Map Name\level.json and other map files).
    - Load Cruelty Squad.

> Changelog (version 1.9)

- Pathfinding Fixed

- Grammar and rewrite story and other dialogue

- Added new NPC


- Changed Bug Golem to Snow Golem (HE mode only)

- Snow particles have snow texture and draw distance effect.

- Speed booster damage penalty no longer applies to toxic damage.

- Added a High Performance for weaker PCs (Removed particles and remove half civilians population)

> Archives

- Christmas Crisis 0.1.8 (Mediafire) (Dropbox)

has a drivable jetski which is cool (keith remodels the car in a lot of his levels which is cool). snowman with a candy cane up his ass, secret snowman and a secret room accessible only when you are in the "power in misery" difficulty (worth finding those two). one of your targets is santa. this level is big so doing no augments run can be tiring.